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  • CND Shellac or The Gel Bottle

    Get sunshine ready - fingers and toes just £30 for appointments during November 2018

    Please arrive with bare nails for the offer to be valid or a removal fee maybe charged.

    Defining Lash Lift & Henna Brows

    Love your lashes with a stunning lash lift with lash tint.

    Add on the amazing henna brows and wake up looking fabulous and ready to go.

    £51 ( Valid for appointments during November 2018)

    Patch test required for new clients.

    Get Holiday ready

    Which bikini wax would you choose?

    Book now for a professional intimate wax.

    Henna brows

    The fabulous Henna Brows are now available at Maple Lilli.....

    Includes consultation, brow design, henna and waxing.

    Any bookings taken for November 2018 - just £20

    Colours are created to suit your skin tone and hair colouring.

    Brows are created to the size and shape that you prefer and to suit your face shape.

  • Treatments


    Shellac CND or The Gel Bottle £16 fingers or toes

    NSI Acrylic Nails £21

    Acrylic Nails with gel polish £28

    Infills £19 (+£6 with gel polish)


    NSI Dip Acrylic Powder Nails £21

    With Gel Polish £28


    Nail Repair £3

    Acrylic Nail Removal with mini mani £12

    Gel Polish Removal with mini mani £7


    Nail Art from 50p


    Pedicure with Shellac or The Gel Bottle - £28


    Manicure with Shellac or The Gel Bottle - £28





    Eyebrow tidy £6


    Lip £6

    Chin £6

    Lip & Chin £10

    Side of face £7


    Basic Bikini £10

    Extended Bikini £15

    Inbetweeny £22

    Brazilian £29

    Hollywood £29


    Full Leg £22

    3/4 Leg £18

    1/2 Leg £14

    Top 1/2 Leg £15


    Underarm £9

    Full Arm £14

    Forearm £11


    Feet & Toes £8

    Hands & Fingers £8


    Nasal £8



    HENNA Brows £26


    'Eye Defining Brows' £20


    'Eye Defining LASHLIFT £35


    3D Brow Perfect from £24


    Volume Lashes (Russian) £55 (infill from £25)
    Semi-Permanent classic Individual Lashes £45 (infill from £20)
    Hybrid Lashes (volume & classic) £50 (infills from £23)
    Express Semi-Permanent Individual Lashes £28
    Weekend Lashes £18


    Eyelash Tint £10

    Eyebrow Tint £8

    Eyebrow Tidy £6


    Volume Lash Infill from £25 (dependent on loss)


    Semi-Permanent Individual Lashes Infill from £20 (dependent on loss)


    Hybrid Lash infill from £23 (dependent on loss)


    3D Brow Perfect


    From £24



    Signature Luxurious Facial £26 (1 hour)


    Luxurious Express Facial £18 (30 mins)



    NSI Dip Acrylic Nail System


    From £21

    Swedish Massage


    Full Body (60 mins) £36


    Back, Neck & Shoulder

    (30 mins) £20


    Luxurious Express Facial, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (60 mins) £36


    Hot Stones Massage


    Full Body (60 mins) £42


    Back, Neck & Shoulder

    (30 mins) £26


    Back & Legs £26


    Indian Head Massage




    Aromatherapy Massage


    Full body including face & scalp (1hr30) £45


    Full body (60mins) £38


    Back, Neck & Shoulder (30mins) £23


    Back, Neck & Shoulder with Luxurious Express Facial. (60mins) £38


    Hopi Ear candling


    £25 (40 mins)

    Henna Brows


    The appointment includes, consultation, brow design, colour selection, henna treatment and waxing - reshape/ tidy.



  • Treatment Descriptions

    Relax & Feel Fabulous

    Eye Defining Lash Lift £35


    Flutter those Natural lashes.....
    Whether your natural lashes are long or short, a Lash Lift will leave them looking amazing.
    This treatment lifts your lashes from the root creating an appearance of thicker, longer lashes and wider eyes. Instant WOW factor which lasts 6-8 weeks and includes a lash tint.
    Wake up looking fabulous and ready to go...... (60 minutes)

    3D Brow Perfection from £24


    3D Brow Perfect is a stunning treatment involving the application of individual brow extensions to your skin or existing brow hairs.


    This treatment begins with a consultation, brow tint & shape.

    Individual brow hairs are then added to create depth and a 3rd dimension; filling any gaps, scar areas making your brows fuller and longer.


    3D Perfect Brows can be maintained regularly or added for a special occasion.


    Appointment is charged based on time required.

    This treatment can last up to 10 days when following aftercare advice.


    You will be amazed by the 3D Brow Perfect effect.........

    NSI Simplicite polydip Acrylic Nail System from £21

    NSI Simplicite is an acrylic nail dip system. It offers a fabulous alternative to gel polish which feels and looks lighter than standard acrylic nails though doesn't compromise on strength.


    The application utilises the latest 'acrylic dip system' to create beautiful nails that last a minimum of 14 days.


    Get the latest flawless look.....

    Pedicure/ Manicure from £20


    Treatments that sound as simple as a Pedicure/ Manicure can make you feel a million dollars....


    Luxe Pedicure or Manicure includes Cuticle Care, relaxing Soak, Foot File, Exfoliation, Mask, Massage, Moisturise, Nail Shape completed with a stunning Gel colour of your choice - £28 each.


    Eye Defining Brows £20


    Frame your face with stunning brows.....
    An initial consultation will assist in realising your ideal brow shape to give eye definition. This treatment will not only define your brows, it will frame your face. Having perfectly shaped brows will transform how you look and feel.
    Your appointment will include a consultation, reshape, tint & wax.
    Brows do speak louder than words......

    CND Shellac Treatment £16

    Or The Gel Bottle


    Stunning high shine nails. Zero drying time.


    Treatment includes cuticle work, nail file/ shape and application of Shellac or The Gel Bottle. Set under a UV/LED lamp.


    Treatment includes FREE removal if we applied the product.


    Fingers can last 14+ days and toes can last as long as 6 weeks when following care advice.


    Nail art can be added for a small charge.




    Waxing from £6


    Leave feeling silky smooth.....
    Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back fully in the area for 3-5 weeks. There may be regrowth sooner due to hairs being at different stages in the growth cycle.
    We use both hot wax and warm wax depending on the area treated.
    Please make sure you inform the therapist of any changes to health and/ or medication. Prices from £6.

    Signature Luxury Facial £26


    Your signature facial begins with a skin consultation and make up removal. A deep, double cleanse follows. A facial steam with mitts will be performed to hydrate your skin, open pores allowing the luxurious products to be absorbed deeper into your skin.
    A stimulating exfoliation will then leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. A deeply relaxing massage will commence to promote circulation followed by an enriching mask. Your luxurious facial with be completed with a revitalising tone mist and rich moisturiser. (1 hour)
    You will leave feeling relaxed and pampered with gorgeously soft glowing skin....

    Luxurious Express Facial £18


    Your express facial begins with a skin consultation. A deep cleanse follows.
    A stimulating exfoliation will then leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.
    You can then choose either a deeply relaxing massage to promote circulation or an enriching face mask.
    Your luxurious express facial will be completed with a revitalising tone mist and rich moisturiser. (30 minutes)
    Rejuvenate, renew and refresh.....

    Bikini Waxing from £10


    Basic Bikini - A basic wax/ tidy. Suited to those comfortable knickers.
    Extended Bikini - A higher wax. Ideal for swimwear or high cut knickers.
    Inbetweeny Bikini - All hair is removed from the bottom though some is left on the lips. Great if you're wearing a g string.
    Brazillian Bikini - All hair is removed other than a small triangle or strip.
    Hollywood - All pubic hair is removed.
    Hot wax is used for the bikini area rather than warm, strip wax. Hot wax is less painful, removes pubic hair faster and leaves you feeling cleaner.

    Swedish Massage from £20


    Step away from your worries and refresh tired muscles by treating yourself to a soothing Swedish massage.


    Your entire body will be relaxed, your oxygen levels will increase, circulation and flexibility improved.


    Other benefits of massage include:


    The promotion of the removal of toxins

    The reduction of swelling caused by the retention of fluid in tissues

    The release of endorphins; the bodies natural pain killer.


    Take precious time out for you and just relax.....



    Hot Stone Massage from £26

    An enhanced, indulgent massage.


    Basalt stones are heated in hot water and used together with a soothing oil to create a deeper massage leaving you feeling pampered and deeply relaxed.


    There are many benefits to Hot Stone Massage including


    Increases circulation and blood flow
    Helps to transport toxins from the body
    Creates added pressure for a deeper massage
    Eases muscle tension and pain
    Helps relaxation
    Reduces stress and anxiety

    Enhanced massage


    Take precious time out for you and just relax..... leave feeling nurtured, pampered & relaxed.



    Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions £45


    Make perfect Lashes your passion.....
    Individual lashes are not strip or cluster (party) lashes..... they're individual soft lashes bonded to your individual lashes. Your new lashes will feel weightless and natural. They'll stay in place until your natural lash sheds away as part of its normal life cycle.
    A full set of lashes with consultation takes 90-180 minutes.
    Please arrive without mascara and do not have your lashes permed, curled or lifted.
    Your eyes will be closed for the duration of the treatment.
    Lash Infills are required normally every 2 to 3 weeks. This depends on how fast your natural lashes shed. They're priced from £20 which depends on how long you've left between appointments.
    Contact lenses must be removed during treatment.

    Volume/ Russian Lashes £55

    Volume Lashes.....


    A multi-lash technique were multiple ultra fine lashes are attached to each individual Lash.


    Volume Lashes create a glamorous, high impact look with natural looking volume.


    3-6 times the volume of individual lashes.


    Hybrid Lashes £50

    Hybrid eyelash extensions are a half way step between a classic set and volume (Russian volume) set.

    A 50/50 mixture of 1:1 lashes and volume style lashes (NOT cluster lashes, this is cheating and harsh on your natural lashes!) they are stunning, texturized and give a life-like, non-uniform lash look.

    Indian Head Massage £22


    A holistic pamper with physical & emotional benefits.....


    Can help prevent headaches, migraine & back pain.

    Promotes hair growth.

    Detoxifies by stimulating lymphatic system. Relieve fatigue & insomnia.

    Relieve anxiety and depression symptoms.

    Renew energy levels.

    Increase mental clarity.


    Take time for you.....


    Henna Brows £26

    Henna is a stronger/ longer lasting look to a normal brow tint. The process takes around 45 minutes. It can be used over previous brow work. There are many shades of henna so a look can be created to suit you.


    It may last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair. This is dependent on your skin type and following aftercare advice.


    Your appointment includes a consultation, brow design, colour selection & henna treatment with wax reshape/ tidy.


    A patch test is required 48 hours before.

    Hopi Ears £25

    Hopi Ear Candling is a gentle relaxing, non-invasive soothing treatment which can offer relief to any problems in the ear, nose and throat areas. It also calms the mind to combat stress and deeply relaxes all of your senses. The treatment includes a relaxing facial which pays particular attention to the sinus areas and lymphatic drainage.


    Hopi Ear Candling is good for restoring pressure in the ear before flying and scuba diving. A good alternative for people who have found syringing uncomfortable.

    Suitable for children and the elderly.


  • Current Offers

    Treat Yourself

    Lash Lift volume and length

    Eye Defining Lash Lift Friend Package £55


    Save £15 by making an appointment for you and a friend to have an Eye Enhancing Lash Lift & lash tint together.
    It will be a joint appointment, a patch test will be required at least 48 hours before.
    Offer is valid until 31/12/18. If one friend does not arrive the cost will revert to the original fee of £35 per person.
    Shellac CND Fingers

    Gel Polish/ CND Shellac fingers & toes £30

    Treat yourself to Shellac/ gel polish fingers & toes for just £30


    Please arrive with bare nails otherwise a removal fee may be added.


    Valid until 31/12/18

    Shellac CND Fingers

    Eye Defining Lash Lift with Henna Brows £51

    Fabulous eye defining package


    Appointment includes lash lift/ lash tint

    Henna Brows with reshape/ brow shape, tidy


    £51 *saving £10


    Patch test required for new clients


    Valid until 301/12/18

    Shellac CND Fingers

    Stunning Henna Brows £20


    The fabulous Henna Brows are now available at Maple Lilli.....

    Includes consultation, brow design, henna and waxing.

    Any bookings taken for October 2018 - just £20

    Colours are created to suit your skin tone and hair colouring.

    Brows are created to the size and shape that you prefer and to suit your face shape.

    Valid until 31/12/18

    Shellac CND Fingers

    20% off Gift vouchers

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for friends and family this Christmas?


    20% off gift vouchers purchased before 23/12/18.


    Please call or message to order your personalised pamper voucher.


    Vouchers valid for 4 months from date of purchase.

  • Who we are

    Beauty starts with you.

    Nails and beauty Buckshaw Village

    Leonna Louise

    Owner - Beautician and Nail Technician


    A relaxing and friendly treatment room based in Buckshaw Village.

    NB: treatment room is on the first floor.


    Maple Lilli is insured with The Beauty Guild.
    I offer mobile services. If you have mobility issues I can come to you and carry out your treatment in a position which is the most comfortable for you. (**Currently not accepting any new mobile clients**)
    I only use branded, known products purchased from reputable suppliers. Treatments and products are kept up to date with the latest trends.


    We want you to enjoy your treatment and leave feeling pampered and fabulous.....
    NB: Offers valid once per client. Patch tests are required for some treatments 24-48 hours before.
    Payment in cash is required at the time of your appointment.
    Please also inform us of any medical conditions or changes in your conditions.


    Please give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Less than 24 hours notice and 50% of the treatment charge will be requested.

    General Data Protection 2018 (GDPR)


    Under GDPR, I’m required by law to document what personal information I keep for each client.

    Client record cards containing your information are kept securely according to data protection and only I have access to them. I use these client cards for reference and to contact you for your treatment.

    I’m required to keep this information for legal and insurance purposes for a period of 7 years which is then securely destroyed unless you are still a client.

    You have the right to see this information and request any data be changed or securely destroyed.

    I do not pass your personal information to any third party or use for marketing purposes.

    Any information from social media sites is only accessible by us. You may request once we have recorded your details that we delete any messages/ emails containing your personal information.

    Any photographs taken during your treatment are only taken with your knowledge and can be used when advertising Maple Lilli online or any other means.



  • Reviews

    Always strive for the best.

    Colleen Garth 5*

    05/07/18 - Had a lash tint and lift, so happy with the result. Was put at ease from the minute I arrived to the minute I left. Thank you so much. See you in 6-8 weeks. xxx

    Anne Double 5*

    28/04/18 - I can't recommend enough. Had nails, eyebrows and eyelashes done to an extremely high standard. Thank you. xx

    Lisa Parsonage 5*

    24/04/2018 - Had my first visit today to have my own nails done with Shellac. So happy with them. Very relaxing atmosphere, lovely and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

    Carmel Richardson 5*

    01/04/18 - Wonderful hot stone massage and indian head. After not a lot of sleep due to a snuffly baby this was exactly what I needed.

    Dawn Withnell 5*

    30/07/17 - First visit for nails and waxing. Had a lovely experience. Very happy with the finished results and will definitely be back. Thank you.

    Julia Dalton 5*

    29/07/17 - I would definitely recommend this lovely lady! I always feel very relaxed when she is doing my treatments. Just had an amazing back massage and facial. I loved it so much I booked for my daughter. Definitely a regular treatment from now on. Thanks so much! I feel amazing.

    Donna Appleton 5*

    21/07/17 - Wow I'm so happy with my lash lift, thank you so much.

    What a lovely, friendly lady you are, gentle and all done with perfection. See you soon.

    Sueanne Baxter 5*

    07/05/17 - Lovely lady, had my lashes done and love them! Very friendly, made me feel totally at ease and had a very enjoyable visit. Will definitely be returning for all my beauty needs.

    Kerry Watson 5*

    08/04/17 - Thank you so much for fitting me in today. Perfect shade of nude. See you in two weeks.

    Caroline Thompson 5*

    31/03/2017 - 100% recommend this lady to do your eyelashes. I absolutely love mine. They're perfect and just what I wanted. Can't thank you enough, will definitely be returning.

    Danielle Mannion 5*

    29/03/2017 - Leonna is a perfectionist, which suits me fine because I don't believe in doing half a job. Had Shellac fingers twice, toes once and a great bikini wax. Highly recommend Maple Lilli

    Loz Nicholson 5*

    11/02/2017 - I recommend the Lash Lift. I love the fact that the Lash Lift is your own lashes and the results are amazing. No need for mascara now. I will 100% be going back for more treatments. Totally professional.

    Lydia Rowley 5*

    11/02/2017 - I just had my first lash lift and I love the results! Such a lovely experience. Thank you.

    Kirsty Anne 5*

    19/01/2017 - Absolutely love my lash lift and brow wax/ tint as usual. Lovely lady and fab prices.

    Claire McCrone 5*

    20/01/17- Thank you so much, I absolutely love them. Highly recommended and a lovely lady. Will be back soon.

    Sharon Burch 5*

    20/11/2016 - Absolutely love my new lashes and everyone is commenting how great they look :) Thanks very much

    Julia Sandford 5*

    01/10/2016 - Love the results of my lashlift! Thanks

    Rachel Bennison Meadows 5*

    04/08/2016 - Professional nail and beauty service, love my nails - thank you xx

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